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Hilary Robinson

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The author of over 40 illustrated children's books, Hilary writes books that are fun, books that help reading and books that are loved by children throughout the world - from princesses to penguins to parties, there's a book for everyone!

Mixed Up series

Mixed Up Nursery Rhymes by Hilary Robinson and Liz Pichon The Big Book of Magical Mix-Ups - front cover

Fantastic split page books to mix and match different combinations of fairy tales, magic spells or nursery rhymes to hilarious results.

Mixed Up Nursery Rhymes will be published in January 2013.

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Current news

Where The Poppies Now Grow, a book by Hilary Robinson with illustrations by Martin Impey

Gervase Phinn endorsement

Gervase Phinn, Best Selling Author and former County Inspector of Schools has reviewed and endorsed Where The Poppies Now Grow, written to commemorate the centenary of the start of the First World War.

"Written in the great poetic tradition of depicting war as something immensely sad and personal, 'Where The Poppies Now Grow' is a powerful and beautifully written story, superbly illustrated, one which touches our hearts."

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Love Reading 4 Kids

Love Reading 4 Kids

Where The Poppies Now Grow is “a book that reflects the lasting importance of both friendship and place and how they can help to heal the tragedy of war.”  Julia Eccleshare – Children’s Books Editor at The Guardian and LoveReading4Kids

The Princess's Secret Sleepover - English version

USA news

Hilary’s publishers, Little Tiger Press have just announced that her book The Princess’s Secret Sleepover, illustrated by Mandy Stanley,  is to be sold as part of a ten book set in the USA.

International rights

International rights for the The Princess's Secret Letter and The Princess's Secret Sleepover (by the team that created 'The Copper Tree', Hilary Robinson and Mandy Stanley) have now been sold to France, the USA , Greece, Spain, Portugal, Australia, Wales, Indonesia and Brasil.

Book covers in different languages of the Princess series.