Year: 2010

Mixed Up Fairy Tales travels the world

Rights for Mixed Up Fairy Tales have been sold to Greece, Denmark and China. We’re wondering what “Little Red Riding Hood climbed a beanstalk and dreamt of marrying a bowl of porridge” sounds like in Chinese!

The Big Book!

Snow White and the Enormous Turnip - front cover

Hilary’s popular book Snow White and the Enormous Turnip has just been published as a Big Book! So now the enormous turnip is even more enormous and the turnip pie that was served at her wedding is pie-gantic!

Big Books are loved by many for shared, guided or independent reading.

Snow White and the Enormous Turnip (ISBN 978-0-7502-6453-2) is one of four Fairytale Jumbles written by Hilary Robinson for Wayland Books Start Reading Series

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