The Wall The Beast Built

Detail of The Wall The Beast Built.


Division, partition, separation, borders, ghettos, barriers, walls, massacres, sieges, bombardments – the list goes on.

The Wall the Beast Built is a subtle exploration of prevailing issues and offers a solution – one that will resonate with children.

The story suggests that unification, rather than division, can lead to more peaceful community relations. It promotes the notion that communication, the sharing of natural resources and management of talents, gifts and strengths, is far more empowering than building barriers between groups.

In short The Wall The Beast Built offers hope. It is a fable for our time.

Designed with mythical style illustrations, and the first in the series of Genus Fables, the story has been released to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and will support the study of World War 2 in schools.

Book details

Written by Hilary Robinson

Illustrated by Ste Johnson

Published by Strauss House Productions

Year published: 2019

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