A Song For Will

A Song For Will

Special, limited edition copies of ‘A Song For Will’ – The Lost Gardeners of Heligan is published this month. Hilary and illustrator, Martin Impey, worked in partnership with The Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall to produce a stunning, highly illustrated story for children and young adults about the gardeners and outdoor staff of the estate who enlisted after the outbreak of World
War 1. The story, which has drawn on archive and military detail of the time and includes many local landmarks and places of interest at Heligan, has been described as a deeply moving tribute.

‘A Song For Will’ – The Lost Gardeners of Heligan is published by Strauss House Productions (ISBN 978-0957124530)

“Flo Of The Somme” wins award

Young Quills Award 2016

“Flo Of The Somme”  the children’s book which honours the work of mercy dogs during World War 1 wins Historical Association’s Young Quills Award 2016.

The Flood at Honey Pot Farm

Hilary’s story, The Flood at Honey Pot Farm was broadcast on Radio 4 Extra on the 5th May.  It tells the story of a dog from Poland who helps to rescue a stray lamb.  In at 5’04.

Presenting awards

Hilary Robinson at the Children's University graduation.

As a Patron of the Children’s University, Hilary will be speaking and presenting awards on behalf of Lambeth at South Bank University on the 23rd June.

WW1 Centenary review for Flo of The Somme

Flo of the Somme is an absolutely stunning book: beautiful illustrations and a moving story told in a simple, meaningful way. The history of children’s literature tells us that young people are fascinated by stories of animals: and through the pages of this new book they will see the First World War in a very different way. I hope one day that it might inspire them to stand at Crucifix Corner, depicted in the book, look towards the dark mass of High Wood and imagine Flo there with them, and remember the millions of animals who were there because ‘they had no choice’.

Read the full review at WW1 Centenary

Juno review of Tom’s Sunflower

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The latest in the Copper Tree Class series, Tom’s Sunflower is about helping children come to terms with difficult situations. Hana is feeling sad because her mum and dad are splitting up and going to live in different places.

Mr. Davis, the teacher, tells the class a story about a boy called Tom whose parents split up and how he learned to understand that he could make new friends in new places and that it wasn’t his fault. Tom’s teacher had shown him how to plant a sunflower to remember that he would always grow on both sad and happy days. Guess who Tom grew up to be…

This is a very simple but supportive book with elements to help children with different issues that might make their tummies feel “wobbly”.

Where The Poppies Now Grow shortlisted for English Association Book Award 2015

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Where The Poppies Now Grow by Hilary Robinson and Martin Impey has been shortlisted alongside books by Quentin Blake and Michael Morpurgo for the prestigious English Association Book Award 2015.

Read the full press release.

More award nominations

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Just announced! Where The Poppies Now Grow and The Christmas Truce are both finalists for the Education Resources Award 2015 and The Christmas Truce has been shorted for the Sheffield Children’s Book Award 2015.